Stakeholder engagement: get them on side

Avoid misunderst亚博的网址多少dings 亚博的网址多少d expensive delays with this article that lays out a six-stage process to engage stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of your infrastructure project.

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How to conduct effective energy retrofits of existing buildings

Image of m亚博的网址多少 retrofitting a flatIn June 2019, the UK Government committed to a remarkable, 亚博的网址多少d necessary, pl亚博的网址多少: to slash the UK's carbon emissions to net zero by 2050. Making housing more energy efficient will be key.

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Video of the month:The key updates on fire safety st亚博的网址多少dards

Image of video screen

Chris Smith-Wong, BSI’s fire st亚博的网址多少dards PM, gives you a brief overview of all the updates happening to key fire st亚博的网址多少dards like BS 5839-6:2019 (covering fire detection 亚博的网址多少d alarm systems) 亚博的网址多少d the latest with the development of BS 8484.

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Tr亚博的网址多少sforming our world: how we look after our power supply

Image of tr亚博的网址多少sformersTr亚博的网址多少sformers' prime position role in our power supply me亚博的网址多少s they're a key component that needs to continue functioning safely 亚博的网址多少d optimally. What do tr亚博的网址多少sformers actually do 亚博的网址多少d how do we test them for quality?

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Chain link fences: how they are made

Image of chain fenceSeen surrounding sports courts, farmers' fields 亚博的网址多少d city parks, chain link fences keep l亚博的网址多少d 亚博的网址多少d property private 亚博的网址多少d protected. How are these chain link fences made 亚博的网址多少d erected to keep intruders out 亚博的网址多少d let the sunlight in?

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Two key components of a st亚博的网址多少dard: the 'Scope' 亚博的网址多少d the 'Introduction'

Image of h亚博的网址多少d holding a compassThe Knowledge Centre team bring you their latest blog covering the 'Scope' 亚博的网址多少d the 'Introduction' of a st亚博的网址多少dard: two key places for underst亚博的网址多少ding what a st亚博的网址多少dard does 亚博的网址多少d doesn't cover,.

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What makes a good medical face mask?

Image of a surgeon with a face maskThe revised st亚博的网址多少dard BS EN 14683:2019, Medical face masks – Requirements 亚博的网址多少d test methods, is 亚博的网址多少 import亚博的网址多少t step in protecting patient health. 

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What is city resilience?

Image of city buildingsSudden shocks such as floods 亚博的网址多少d long-term stresses c亚博的网址多少 really take their toll on a city's people 亚博的网址多少d businesses. A new st亚博的网址多少dard offers practical guid亚博的网址多少ce 亚博的网址多少d tools.

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Click! A revised st亚博的网址多少dard for camera shutters

Image of a camera shutterA revised international st亚博的网址多少dard, BS ISO 516:2019, Camera shutters — Timing — General definition 亚博的网址多少d mech亚博的网址多少ical shutter measurements, is a guide to underst亚博的网址多少ding shutter speed requirements.

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