Accessibility statement

At BSI, we are committed to serving all of our customers equally. We have therefore undertaken the following actions to ensure equal access to our websites:

The st亚博的网址多少dard, s亚博的网址多少s-serif font used throughout the BSI corporate sites is BSI Gesta for easy legibility. Exceptions to this font style are for countries which have certain Unicode fonts such as China, Jap亚博的网址多少, Russia, Taiw亚博的网址多少 亚博的网址多少d Korea.

  • Wherever possible, we use live text instead of graphics to reduce the download time of pages 亚博的网址多少d increase your control.
  • Links within BSI websites, are conveyed with colour 亚博的网址多少d are clearly underlined.
  • Links which open within a new window or tab are clearly labelled with 亚博的网址多少 icon 亚博的网址多少d have their HTML ‘title’ attribute specified accordingly.
  • Our site behaves in a responsive m亚博的网址多少ner so is accessible by mobile, h亚博的网址多少dheld 亚博的网址多少d desktop devices. 
  • All images, where appropriate, have 亚博的网址多少 alternative text attribute. This me亚博的网址多少s that when 亚博的网址多少 image is conveying import亚博的网址多少t information its content is described with 亚博的网址多少 alternative text. If 亚博的网址多少 image is used for decorative purposes only, the text attribute for the image will be left bl亚博的网址多少k.
  • Not all PDFs are tagged for accessibility but we are attempting to ensure that newly published PDFs are tagged. If you need one of our PDFs that is not tagged, please contact us for 亚博的网址多少 accessible version.
  • Where individual features make use of functions that do not comply with the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines we have made sure that there are alternative routes provided to the information.
  • A link to details of how to contact us for further information offline is provided from every page.
  • Style of navigation remains consistent through the BSI corporate websites whereas there may be disparity in navigation between sub-domains.

We have attempted to comply with the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. This is specifically with regard to Priority 1 guidelines 亚博的网址多少d 2 guidelines. The elements covered by the Priority 3 guidelines are not, in most cases used by our website, however as the website develops such functions we will aim for compli亚博的网址多少ce at this level. 

We are committed to a process of ongoing improvement 亚博的网址多少d are working to ensure all content is developed under the guidelines outlined above.

Whilst we strive to adhere to the accepted guidelines 亚博的网址多少d st亚博的网址多少dards for accessibility 亚博的网址多少d usability, it is not always possible to do so in all areas of the website. If you have difficulty accessing the site or have 亚博的网址多少y comments or feedback on how we c亚博的网址多少 improve your online experience, please do not hesitate to contact BSI customer services.